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We're pleased to announce the winners of LocalEats' first annual Best Breakfast Restaurants in America. Following a summer of long road trips, weekend getaways and stay-cations, the LocalEats editorial staff is happy to report their renewed appreciation for the day's first meal. When you're on the road, a great breakfast sets the tone for the whole day, and there's an undeniable satisfaction to discovering a great breakfast restaurant in an unfamiliar town. Comparing our notes, research and memories of syrup-soaked shortstacks past, we've compiled a list of what we consider the Best Breakfast Restaurants in America.

Represented on our list is everything from diners, soul food spots and coffee shops to houses of pancakes, waffles and pie. These restaurants inspire an unparalleled devotion among locals and tourists who are willing to line up around the block and wait to snag a coveted booth or counter stool. Let's begin...


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