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The Best Restaurants in Cleveland

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The times, they are a-changin' in The Cleve. Not only did the Browns decide to reshuffle their front office (we're sure everyone remains cautiously optimistic), but we've also completely revamped our list of the best locally owned Cleveland restaurants. All in all, we now list nearly 200 restaurants in the greater Cleveland area. We've also revised our Cleveland Top 100, with 28 new additions to the list.  You can also browse restaurants by the best in category. Below are the new Top 100s. Keep it rockin', Cleveland!

The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Vegas Shot

Gluttony may not be the first sin that comes to mind when thinking of Vegas, but with all the wonderful dining options in town, it's difficult not to indulge a bit. If you're looking for a little dining guidance, we've expanded and completely revamped our list of the best independent restaurants in Las Vegas. All in all, we now feature over 215 locally owned restaurants in the area. So when it comes to a great meal, why gamble with the nearest buffet when you can just hit "nearby" on your LocalEats app for vetted, reliably good restaurants. Additionally, we've revised our Las Vegas Top 100. Below are new additions to the Top 100. 

The Best Restaurants in Chicago

We've updated and revised our list of Chicago's best restaurants! When it comes to restaurants, Chicago certainly isn't settling for any of that "second city" nonsense, as it's one of the world's premiere places to dine. It always proves a difficult task to capture all the wonderful restaurants in Chicagoland, with so many fantastic cheap eats (pizza, hot dogs, diners, Italian beef) and stellar international fare alongside some of the country's most important and exciting contemporary restaurants. All in all, we now display over 550 restaurants in the greater Chicago area. We've also revamped our Chicago Top 100 list. Some of our latest Top 100 additions include:

For the complete Chicago Top 100 list, click here.


Viva Chicago! From Revolution Brewing Company

Thrillist's Best New Restaurants in America

The editors of Thrillist have eaten their way across the country and compiled a great list of The Best 33 New Restaurants in America. Cheers to them for not making it into a slideshow, and for providing in-depth descriptions of "what you're getting" off the menu at each restaurant on the list. Among the restaurants making the cut are:

Find the complete list here.


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LocalEats® Introduces Gift Card for Use at Independently Owned Restaurants

LE Gift CardEvery holiday season, gift cards continue to rise in popularity as handy gifts for friends, co-workers and loved ones. But to date, the gift card market has largely been dominated by big box stores, nationwide gas stations, and fast food and mega-chain restaurants. LocalEats is looking to change the gift card game with the launch of their gift card program specifically designed for locally owned restaurants. And unlike your typical gift card that’s accepted at one particular retailer or restaurant, the LocalEats card is redeemable at a number of fantastic independent restaurants nationwide.

“Thoughtful consumers want to buy local, and we see no reason why locally owned restaurants shouldn’t benefit from gift cards,” explains LocalEats Chief Operations Officer Brian Relleva. “That’s why we’ve created a national network of excellent locally owned restaurants that will accept the LocalEats gift card.”

The LocalEats gift card is now available for purchase online at The pre-paid card offers consumers a variety of denominations, and recipients can redeem them at any restaurant participating in the LocalEats gift card program. Relleva continues, “When it comes to restaurant gift cards, we realize local restaurants are at a disadvantage compared to chains. The LocalEats gift card is unique because recipients can choose from otherwise unrelated, independent restaurants. Our network currently features select restaurants in every major city in America, and our roster will continue to grow over the coming months.”

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