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Financial Woes Inspire Menu

From Bob Carlton of The Birmingham News ( If the economic crisis has got you down, the Silverton Cafe (3813 Clairmont Ave., Birmingham) has some food-and-drink specials that could lift your spirits. Or at least make you laugh. The Forest Park bar and eatery has come up with some tongue-in-cheek menu additions to help customers grin and bear the financial meltdown. Here are a few libations to get you started:

  • Sub Prime Sangria. "Wash down that mortgage mess." (Available by the glass, or if need be, a pitcher).
  • Wachovia’s Merge — Shaken, Not Stirred. "What you need while contemplating your bonds."
  • Wall Street on the Rocks. "It’s like a Manhattan, just extra bitters."
  • Lehman’s Lemon Drop. "Guaranteed to leave only a slightly sour taste in your mouth.
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