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Lucky Locals Feast on Chef Chang's "Secret" Lunch

Courtesy of Ian Weed, one of the lucky attendees: Last Friday, NBC New York's “Locals Only” and David Chang's Momofuku empire put on a "secret" lunch for about 200 lucky locals. Situated on the not-so-secret intersection of Lafayette and Houston, Mr. Chang and Ko. set up shop to give the winners a taste of all four Momofuku restaurants.

The menu had three options: pork, chicken and veggie. All three had the famous buns with their respective heroes. (I seriously wish the pork buns were sold in six-packs.) The tender, sweet pork with the crisp, sour pickles inside the steamed mantou buns are out of this world. The crispy rice fries, with a little more salt, could make an outstanding bar snack.

While the classic options show off what made Momofuku a household name, it's what wasn't on the menu that knocked the lunch out of the park. The fourth option was a "dealer's choice," which could land you with either a lobster, lamb or duck lunch. The lobster lunch had two huge pieces of claw meet atop grits with crispy bacon and a soft-boiled egg with a pickled beet salad. The duck lunch provided a jar of duck leg rillette. The unusually warm Friday sun made it easy to spread on the toasted bread slices. Next to my duck candle was a nice lobe of foie gras with pickled ramps. Easily the highlight of the meal, the sweet/sour ramps cut through the richness of the foie. Next was a salad with smoked duck breast on top of greens with what I think was a cinnamon-infused cream.

To finish the epic meal was Christina Tossi from Milk Bar, serving her famous donut-flavored soft serve -- a great way to cap off the highest number of calories I have ever eaten in a half-hour. I wish I’d had seconds. Here are some photos of the event and some of the tasty offerings:

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