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Starbucks Opens Not-a-Starbucks Café

From Melissa Allison of The Seattle Times: The Starbucks that isn't a Starbucks - officially called 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea - opened [July 24] to glaring media attention and anticipation from customers and competitors. ... Inside, an ABC news crew prepared a national broadcast about the new Starbucks store that's so heavily focused on its locale that it shed its corporate name. CNN, BBC and a host of other media canvassed the city for reactions from local coffee-shop operators. 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea is the latest in a string of stores that Starbucks has remodeled in a more rustic style using recycled materials. The Capitol Hill store - which last year was slated to close - is also part of a test that will include two more Seattle shops named for their surrounding neighborhoods. Those locations could be in existing Starbucks stores or in new spaces. The test stores will sell a rotating menu of beer (roughly $4 to 5 a bottle) and wine (about $5 to $7 a glass), along with coffees, teas and food not found at most Starbucks locations. 
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