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Playboy's Top 10 Late-Night Diners

From Chuck Sudo of Playboy: Late nights at diners are undiluted shots of Americana. Set among heaping mounds of starch, bottomless cups of coffee and enough polished chrome to mark a Golden Age, the best diners evoke nostalgia for years gone by. Wherever there‚s a last call, late-night diners serve as salvation for those who aren't quite ready to go home. And while late-night diners are consistent, regardless of where they're located and right down to waitresses who call all their customers, "Hon," there are a few establishments that are a cut above the rest. Whether it be a signature sandwich like the Diner Grill's "Slinger" in Chicago, or an authentic ambiance such as the one found in Mickey's Dining Car Cafe in Minnesota, these standout late-night nosh spots have something that gives them a character all their own. We sifted through the many qualified contenders and picked 10 that truly embody the American late-night experience. 

The Top 10 Late-Night Diners:

  1. 11th Street Diner, Wilkes-Barre, PA
  2. The Dining Car & Market, Philadelphia
  3. Majestic Diner, Atlanta
  4. Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, Nashville
  5. Mickey's Dining Car Cafe, St. Paul
  6. Clover Grill, New Orleans
  7. Orphan Andy's, San Francisco
  8. The Original Pantry Cafe, Los Angeles
  9. Diner Grill, Chicago
  10. Big Nick's, New York
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