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New York City, NY - September 9th 2009 - the nations leader in online food ordering is giving away free food to anyone who wants it at University of Texas Austin and University of Central Florida in Orlando.

With over 12 years experience and 12 million orders processed, has not only pioneered the online food ordering industry but remains a driving force to this day. With advancements in technology and monthly online only specials Campusfood continues to change the way college students make life's most necessary decision; where and what to eat.

"The free food is a great opportunity, many of us [incoming freshman] will be looking at places to spend our money and with so many of us without cars ordering food online is an great way to reach us," said Jeff Geiser a Texas Austin Freshman.

"It's all about convenience and bringing the customer what they really want when they want to have it," said Mickey Katz, Market Developer of "The free food promotion is meant to do two things; help the local Austin and Orlando establishments get more customers and change the way people think about ordering food online. Thanks to technology, our daily lives are becoming more connected. We should embrace these changes and use them to make our day to day easier.

Quick Facts about Campusfood page:

  • You can order just about every type of cuisine; from cookies to bbq
  • You can use an order ahead to order lunch while eating your breakfast
  • From September 9th - 20th you can get your free $10 by going to food
  • Select Austin and type in UTFREEFD09, or select Orlando and enter UCFFREEFD09

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