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Foodie Fads That Have Worn Out Their Welcome

From Chicago Trib's 'The Stew' blog: Enough with chipotle in everything. Enough with cupcakes. Could someone please remove truffle oil from the kitchens of America’s restaurants. The Stew’s resident curmudgeons are thinking chefs and food makers should put some of these foods on hiatus for six months.
  • Truffle oil: Just because you add a few drops of truffle oil to a dish, doesn’t mean you can charge an extra $8.
  • Chipotle: Love the smoky flavor in stews, soups, salsa. Hate it in hummus, ranch dressing.
  • Foam: Seriously, does everything need a foam? I clean my toilet with foam. I don’t want it on my $35 minuscule sliver of salmon, too.
  • Panini: In all shapes and forms.
  • Cupcakes: They’re everywhere, from Jewel’s bakery to Cinnabon. Bring back pie! Too much cloying frosting, not enough delicious tasting cake.
  • And more: Fiber-filled anything. Kettle chips. “Scratchy” non-sweet chocolate bars. Quinoa. Blue cheese-spiked polenta. Black ‘n’ blue steak. Chicken pot stickers. Pomegranate juice.
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