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Pop-Tarts Attraction Pops Up in Times Square

From Rebecca Heslin, USA TODAY: Pop-Tarts have officially outgrown the breakfast aisle at grocery stores. On Tuesday, the iconic pastry from the Kellogg Co. set up shop in New York's Times Square with a flagship store and cafe centered on the confection.

"It's the first time Kellogg has focused a store on one product to cash in on its dedicated following and increase its exposure," The Associated Press reports. "The company hopes to make the new store a fixture in Times Square, where two candy makers already have stand-alone emporiums, the Hershey store and Mars Inc.'s M&M's World."

Pop-Tarts have been a Kellogg mainstay for nearly 50 years, according to AP, selling about 2 billion each year.

Kellogg is renting a 3,000-plus square foot space where visitors can buy Pop-Tarts souvenirs (think T-shirts and coffee mugs), a "varietizer" where pastry fanatics can create custom-boxes of their favorite flavors through a touch screen, or taste test the 30 flavors on hand in the cafe.

These aren't your mother's Pop-Tarts, either. Try treats like "Ants on a Log," or celery with peanut butter, sprinkled with wild grape Pop-Tarts. Or the "Fluffer Butter," marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries.

But there's one offering from this sweet shop that has the blogosphere abuzz: Pop-Tart sushi. Visitors choose three fruit-flavored pastries, which are then minced and wrapped in a fruit roll-up to look like sushi. No fish involved.

"It wasn't until the recent rise of social media that Kellogg grasped the dedication of Pop-Tarts fans," AP writes. "Brand manager Andrew Shripka says the Pop-Tarts Facebook page is one of the social network's 20 most popular, surprising even some Kellogg employees."

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