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Dining Etiquette for Guys (oh..we mean Gentlemen)

From Esquire magazine: Their take on what a gentleman should, and should not do while dining. Here are the first 20 recommendations - go to for all their tips and a slideshow:
  1. A gentleman is never unintentionally rude.
  2. A gentleman always dresses appropriately.
  3. A gentleman never bribes a maître d'.
  4. A gentleman never has more than one cocktail before dinner.
  5. A gentleman never takes more than one minute to decide on his meal.
  6. A gentleman never talks about golf with women present.
  7. A gentleman does not remove his shoes under the table or play footsie.
  8. A gentleman does not table-hop.
  9. A gentleman does not frequent any restaurant so loud that he cannot hold a conversation with the person across from him.
  10. A gentleman never drinks beer from a bottle at a restaurant.
  11. A gentleman does not use sugar substitutes.
  12. A gentleman always gets up from his chair when a woman gets up from hers or approaches the table.
  13. A gentleman does not drink water with a lime or lemon slice in it.
  14. A gentleman never has his cell phone on the table.
  15. A gentleman never discusses the price of a meal or wine.
  16. A gentleman never overtips.
  17. A gentleman always orders after his guests do.
  18. A gentleman never orders salad as a main course.
  19. A gentleman never applauds when the chef comes out.
  20. A gentleman takes his mother out to dinner at least four times a year.

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