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McDonald's Wants America to 'Get Quenched'

From the Fat City Blog: Good for McDonald's. At a time when fast-food franchises are trying to look like something they're not so they can jump on the healthy bandwagon, the chain is giving a 32-ounce raspberry to everybody. McDonald's current campaign -- $1 for any size drink, with the tag line "get quenched" -- means it understands that a large America still needs a large drink.

On one of my recent visits to the drive-thru, the guy behind the box didn't even ask what size I wanted after I asked whether they had iced tea. Why would he? Who would order a smaller drink when the extra ounces are free? We're conditioned to believe that biggie sizing should cost more -- but a larger drink for no more money? That's getting one over on the man.

It takes guts to introduce a one-size-fits- all drink policy at a time when government at all levels is considering a soda tax to reduce Americans' caloric intake and potentially fight obesity. Some would call such obstinance in the face of a changing world the path to becoming obsolete. McDonald's calls it "happiness for $1." I just think it's a good strategy.

In a nation that struggles with impulse control and portion size, it's nice to see a company step up and make the choice for us. There is no diet in drive-thru, despite what Taco Bell may assert.  

So, America you're not fat -- that's just soda weight. 

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