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NEW RECORD: Kobayashi Downs Record 26 Meatballs in One Minute

From Hideyosi at Champion eater Takeru Kobayashi broke the world record of 26 meatballs eaten in 1 minute this afternoon at Fulton Ferry Landing. He finished eating 29 meatballs in one minute. Japanese television Fuji TV covered the event.

Officials from the Guiness Book of World Records were there to make it official. After weighing the meatballs (minimum weight of 14 grams is required per meatball), and stating the rules (must eat one at a time, yes to water, cannot use hands), Kobayashi quickly downed the 29 IKEA meatballs. Kobayashi told us that the world record didn’t seem that much initially, but it’s more than he thought in 60 seconds. “Want to grab pizza?” Says Kobayashi, “No thanks, I’m ok now, but I love NY pizza!”

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