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A tasty compilation of the best food and restaurant tweets of the week. As always, you can follow us on Twitter @LocalEats.

Patton Oswalt (@PattonOswalt): “Wow, Vince Gilligan. I dunno. Having Walter turn away tableside guacamole makes him seem REALLY unlikable. #BreakingBad”

Jonathan Gold ‏(@thejgold): “Just ate something the menu translated as Herring in Fur. Alarmingly accurate.”

Shelby Fero (@shelbyfero): "Asked for 'black coffee with some milk.' I have embarrassed myself before the coffee shop. I shall sacrifice myself so the crops prosper."

D. Patrick Rodgers ‏(@dpatrickrodgers): "So, as far as I can tell, people in their 30s talk about restaurants the way people in their 20s talk about bands."

Robert Moss ‏(@mossr): "Only 9 restaurants in NYC still require jackets. I know we live in a casual age, but I'm surprised it's so low"

Kat Kinsman ‏(@kittenwithawhip): "'Guac' is now an entry in the Oxford Dictionaries Online. I'm totes ambivs:"

Jim Gaffigan ‏(@JimGaffigan): “What exactly is the difference between going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and eating 5 sticks of butter?”

Life Pro Tips ‏(@perform 22h): "When you're at a restaurant, wash your hands after ordering. The menu is generally the dirtiest thing you can touch."

Chris Kluwe ‏(@ChrisWarcraft): "Glass half full - I'm eating a warm chocolate chip cookie! Glass half empty - It's warm from sitting in the car all day."

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