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ABC's 'The Taste' Casting Call for Season 3 in Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Austin and L.A.


Los Angeles - May 17, 2014 - If you think you can stand the heat, sign-up to get in the kitchen! Open casting calls for chefs interested in competing in this culinary competition series will be held in cities across the country starting on Saturday, June 21, 2014.


Los Angeles - Saturday, June 21st
Le Cordon Bleu
6370 W. Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
Austin - Saturday, June 28th
The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex
1156 Hargrave St.
Austin, Texas 78702
Seattle - Saturday, June 28th
Swedish Cultural Center
1920 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
Chicago - Saturday, July 12th
Centered Chef Food Studios
177 N. Ada St. #101
Chicago, IL 60607
Boston - Saturday, July 12th
45 Prospect Street
Central Square
Cambridge, MA, 02139

For additional updated casting information and to apply visit:

"The Taste" is an American cooking-themed reality competition series on ABC. It premiered on January 22, 2013. On May 14, 2013, ABC renewed "The Taste" for a second season. "The Taste" began its second season on January 2, 2014."The Taste" was listed as a returning series during ABC's upfront presentations on May 13, 2014, thus confirming a Season 3. For a sneak peek of last season’s finale,

"The Taste" is produced by Kinetic Content who create and produce cross-platform for the multi-genre content for the global television marketplace. Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson and Brian Smith serve as Executive Producers for the show.

ABC is an American commercial broadcast television network viewed in the United States and Canada. Throughout its history, ABC has supported its financial operations by diversifying into the press, the publishing industry, the operation of theaters, and filmmaking. As one of the "Big Three television networks", ABC has broadcast many programs that have contributed significantly to American popular culture. These include classic series such as Zorro, The Untouchables, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Roseanne, and The Fugitive; more recent titles such as Castle, Lost, Revenge, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family; live broadcasts such as Monday

Night Football; the reality shows America's Funniest Home Videos, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Dancing with the Stars; and the morning news program Good Morning America. Follow us on Twitter at

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P: (818) 569-4052 ext. 6908


Tennessee Cities Claim Top Two Spots on Travel+Leisure's Best American Cities for Barbecue

On Travel + Leisure's "America's Best Cities for Barbecue" for 2014, Tennessee cities have claimed the top two positions. But, surprisingly it is Nashville which places number one and Memphis number two. Memphis is world renowned for their barbecue and the epicenter for "dry rub" ribs, but the variety of barbecue styles available in Nashville are what pushed it to the top. Also making a strong showing, Texas cities claim 4 of the top 10 positions. From Travel+Leisure:

No. 1 Nashville
It’s a Tennessee takedown: with its ever-expanding foodie scene, Music City won for compiling a greatest-hits collection of barbecue styles—from the whole-hog approach of rural Tennessee, the tomatoey sauces of Memphis, and even the mayo-and-vinegar white sauces typical of Alabama—with southern-style catfish, fried okra, and banana pudding thrown in. Alongside traditional platters, the best places in Nashville offer some cheeky twists: Martin’s Bar-B-Que has Redneck Tacos (filled with brisket or pulled pork), while Peg Leg Porker in The Gulch offers an appetizer of Memphis Sushi (cheese and sausage on saltines). At Edley’s Bar-B-Que, both in East Nashville and 12South, the Tuck Special is a brisket sandwich topped with house-made pimento cheese, an over-easy egg, red and white sauce, and pickles. In a perhaps related note, Nashville also scored near the top for its civic pride.

No. 2 Memphis, TN
Ribs and pork sandwiches are the staples of Memphis-style barbecue: dry-rubbed and smoked over hickory, and often mopped with sauce while cooking. To eat with the savviest locals, head to one of the branches of Central BBQ, which does a classic pork sandwich, pulled-pork nachos, and even a four-ounce barbecued bologna sandwich (the newest is downtown, next to the National Civil Rights Museum). Another favorite—especially with local chefs—is the Bar-B-Q Shop (“home of the Dancing Pigs BBQ sauce”), which claims to be the birthplace of another Memphis staple, sauce-coated barbecue spaghetti. And while the locals ranked at the bottom of the survey for being physically fit, Memphis impressed readers with its bluesy street performers and low-cost luxuries.

Rounding out the top 10 (in decending order) are: Kansas City, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Charleston, Dallas-Ft Worth, Savannah, New Orleans.

Go to full slideshow: Travel + Leisure's "America's Best Cities for Barbecue"

Love Day Links

8 Bit Heart (1)

Happy day of St. Valentine, LocalEaters! Here's a handful of holiday appropriate happenings around the web. If you're scrambling for last minute dining plans, sort through great locally owned restaurants nearby on the LocalEats app. It's probably wise to avoid French and Italian places at this late hour, but some restaurants will likely have bar seats available (just call!). 

The Hungry Lobbyist asks D.C. bloggers, chefs and politicos about their V-Day dining plans. (Confession: I'm quoted in this. Warning! Not responsible for repercussions resulting from following my shoddy advice on romantic matters.)

Ben Collins of Esquire identifies the worst possible Valentine's Day gift: mayonnaise. The devil's condiment makes a pretty lousy gift any day though really.

Red Velvet Beet Chocolate Mouse from Veggie Desserts makes for an ideal homemade Valentine's dessert. Beets get a bum rap. 

Subtly poison your man to heighten the romance with these boozy Valentine's gift ideas for dudes from The Daily Meal. Hard to go wrong with brown liquor or beer (any, so long as there's no fruit on the label)

Epicurious runs down "6 Cliche Valentine's Day Foods We Secretly Love." I'll buy fondue and chocolate covered strawberries, but I'm unwilling to believe people enjoy consuming the chalk-tastic conversation hearts. 

Publix Heart

The world's most romantic ribeye (spotted at Publix)


Road Hog: Catching up with Rodney Scott

The day before Thanksgiving, the pit house at beloved Scott’s Bar-B-Que in Hemingway, SC went up in flames. Almost immediately, owner/pitmaster extraordinaire Rodney Scott had temporary pits fired up, the holiday season being by far the busiest for the store. (They sell from 45-60 turkeys per week around Thanksgiving). Following the holidays, Scott has taken his mobile barbecue rig on the road, serving whole hog across the South to raise money to rebuild the pits with the “Rodney in Exile Tour.” It’s hosted by the Fatback Collective — a group of barbecue all-stars, chefs and southern food cognoscenti. We sat down with Scott at Husk Nashville, which hosted a plate lunch as one of these fundraising events, to ask about the tour and his restaurant.

 Rodney Mop

Scott sauces the hogs with a mop on King Street in Charleston (the first stop of the tour). Photo credit: Angie Mosier

As universally loved as barbecue seems to be, it’s easy to forget what a dangerous business it can be— especially on a large scale — what with the constant manipulation of fire and all. Not to mention, some of the more celebrated old school barbecue joints are housed in very old facilities. Scott indulged us and told us a little bit about the fire:

“The hogs caught on fire on the double pit. The fire reached the inner wall. And once it got to the inner wall, there was wood structure behind the FRP. And that wood was so old, that once the spark hit it, that was it. It engulfed the deep fryer, which shot the gas line loose, causing [the employee manning the pits] to panic and pretty much run. I would have run too.”

If a packed lunch crowd at Husk was any indication, the tour has gone well thus far. On his outlook about the fundraising goal, Scott continued, “I feel positive. The goal is $120,000. The estimated cost [to rebuild the pits] is $100,000. Anything over the budget will be put into the Fatback Collective Fund. That will be sitting there for anyone else who has a mishap or to a charity of our choice.”

 Rodney Smoker

 Rodney's road smoker with a burn barrel and a double cooker, which can do two hogs at once)

Anyone in the business will tell that making great barbecue is a slow, laborious process requiring long, late hours and grueling, hands-on work. Veritable iron man Rodney Scott takes this further than just about anyone. The man personally cuts down the trees (pecan, oak and hickory), chops the wood, and burns it down into charcoal to fuel his pits. As far as local sourcing goes, he’s even got the rest of the community involved. Neighbors and tree removal services will call Rodney with tips about felled limbs and trees nearby. “They’ll cut it down and say, ‘if you can clean this up, you can have it.’ We’ve been pretty lucky with neighbors and companies giving us wood.”  The neighbors probably consider themselves the lucky ones, living near one of the world’s best barbecue restaurants that also offers free tree removal.  

Scott’s Bar-B-Que is truly a family business. Rodney’s parents bought the store in 1972, when he was only a year old. His folks still work there, as well as a number of cousins and other relatives. Fifteen years ago, working the family barbecue business in a town of less than 500 people probably seemed like a relatively anonymous job. But an ever-growing interest in southern food, the cult-like devotion of barbecue enthusiasts and the internet have turned Rodney into somewhat of a celebrity. We asked if he ever thought barbecue would blow up so much in the internet age with pitmasters gaining national notoriety: “Never saw it coming. NEVER. I made this crazy statement when I was younger that, ‘The world will know who I am.’ I never knew it would. I must have been about 12 or 13.”

Upcoming “Rodney in Exile” tour stops include Birmingham, hosted by Drew Robinson, Nicholas Pihakis and Scott at Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Que (Feb 1), and the final stop in Charleston, hosted by Sean Brock, Sam Jones and Scott. (Feb 4). An additional “tribute” event has been scheduled in San Francisco on Feb 9th. For more informations visit The Fatback Collective’s page.

 Rodney Bbq Husk

 Whole hog, fresh from the smoker at Husk


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