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The Edible Web: Food Trends, Obama-Kebab and Extreme Egg Nog

The Huffington Post predicts the food trends of 2012. Chicken skin, sour beer, French dips and mescal are among those listed. My predictions: more foods on a stick, moonshine tastings, and Antarctic fusion - caribou quesadillas and permafrost parfaits for all.

Ronna Welsh of the 2 Minutes to Dinner blog airs her grievances about one food trend that's worn out its welcome: pork belly, offal and other fatty animal products on everything.

A Middle Eastern food stand in Sweden draws attention for its bizarre presidential name: Obamas (no apostrophe, of course). I'll have the Obama-falafel and Obama-kebab, but I'll pass on the Obama sausage. 

Serious Eats displays  A Dozen Ways to Upgrade Your Eggnog. No, it's not a list of 12 different liquors.

From College Humor: Oscar Meyer's Brooklyn headquarters introduces Brunchables for hungry hipster kids.


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