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The Edible Web

A brief look at the food happenings on the interwebs today.

The Huffington Post counts " 8 Ubiquitious Menu Items We Don't Need to See Anymore." Agree with sliders and molten chocolate cake, but not so much caprese salad (classic and simple) or pork belly (perhaps overused, but still a superior foodstuff when prepared correcty).

Mario Batali dresses as Guy Fieri for Halloween, from Eater. Yet, he still couldn't part ways with those godforsaken orange Crocs, even though they're totally incongruous with the rest of the costume.

Barbara Hansen of LA Weekly interviews chef/owner John Sedlar (of Rivera), who thinks Mexican food may be heading in a the wrong direction with regards to modern/global influences.

RoadFood's Michael Stern pops in Frank Pepe's for a white clam pie. Why just two months ago I was stuffing my gullet there. I prefer a basic tomato pie to the white clam, but it's definitely worth a try if you're a first timer. 

White Clam


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