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LocalEats Version 2.2 for the iPhone!

Good news, app lovers, Apple lifers and proud new owners of the iPhone 4S: We've released the latest version of LocalEats. Helping you find the best locally owned restaurants (this means no chains - sorry, McRib enthusiasts), LocalEats for the iPhone now includes international restaurants. Aside from bug fixes, stunning graphics alterations and vast speed improvements, other new features include ...

- New State/City navigation. You will now see a break down of our cities by state. When you select a state, you will see a list of our Metro Areas (more options, cool skyline pic, etc) AND every individual city where we have restaurant listings! 

- Tips for International cities. When you are on an International cities home page (with the skyline pic), you can select Tips to a see a few useful travel/eating tips there. 

- You can now search for restaurants near landmarks as well. Just go to the nearby section, turn off the "use current location" switch and type one in. Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, etc. 

If you already have LocalEats, update your app today (for free). If you're a first timer, find us here in the iTunes store. If you're searching on your phone you can locate us in the Paid Travel category. 

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