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The Edible Web

Today's tastiest links from the web world 

A farewell video by Andy Rooney from Eater. "Thank you, fans. If you ever see me in a restaurant, feel free to leave me alone. "

The Southern Foodways Alliance previews the Arkansas leg of the Southern BBQ Trail. Part Southern, part Southwest and part Midwest: there's no definitive style of 'cue in the natural state. This also explains why I grew up eating "soiee mooee" bbq sandwiches (half beef, half pork) when visiting my grandparents in Northwest Arkansas. 

CNN reports on a Massachusetts restaurant that constructed a 4,000 lb plate of nachos, a world record. Impressive, though I'm not sure I agree with the grammatical makeup of the phrase "world's largest nachos, " written on the banner.

Duff beer now exists (woo-hoo!), according to Food Diggity. No word on production of Duff Light, Duff Dry and Raspberry Duff.  Finally, I can more accurately re-enact this scene in my backyard.


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