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The Edible Web

A few choice selections from the delicious world of the web:

The key to getting Al Qaeda operatives to crack under interrogation:  pizza. (Is there nothing it can't do?) Ice cream and cookies also played integral roles, according to Andrew Serwer of Mother Jones in his analysis of the memoir of former FBI interrogator Ali Soufan.

Michelin releases their 2012 New York City guide, and John Mariani of Esquire yawns. A thorough breakdown of the mysterious Michelin process and oft-confounding star rating system. 

Alex Vallis of Food & Wine writes the guide on  How to Embarass Yourself in a Nice Restaurant. Only a 5 item list?? I can think of about 20 more that I've stumbled upon unintentially. 

Eater NY maps out the restaurants visited by U.S. presidents in  The Guide to Presidential Dining in New York City. Obama and Clinton seem to have a lot in common ( Daniel, Red Rooster, Il Mulino), as did Reagan and Nixon ( Le Perigord). Rugged individualist Teddy Roosevelt did his manly dining at Delmonico's. No mention of President Taft. Maybe he took his meals at home (or in the bath). 

Bonus video. The POTUS and Joe Biden hit up Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington. Excellent choice, sir.

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