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The Edible Web

The internet can be such a delicious place. Here's a look at the most significant web happenings in the world of restaurants and dining today.

Esquire released its Best New Restaurants of 2011 list. They (justifiably) dock points for restaurants where ...

"Any cast member from Jersey Shore would be allowed to dine.

Adam Richman of Man v. Food eats.

Liquid nitrogen, oysters, chocolate syrup, or caviar are used to make ice cream."

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council weighs in on the Tiger Woods hot dog fiasco:

"The use of an iconic food in an act of violence against an iconic golfer like Tiger Woods is reprehensible -- and a violation of hot dog etiquette. Some might call the thrower a 'wiener,' but we'd say that's too high a compliment. Hot dogs are meant to be enjoyed -- not weaponized. "

Clay Risen of The Atlantic gives a brief history and a beginner's guide to the oft-divisive pumpkin ale. Beer + pumpkins: what's not to like here?

And finally, for your viewing edification, a short film on the true birthplace of pizza: Korea.

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