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The Edible Web: Recipe Roundup

Top Chef fan favorite Richard Blais, of Flip Burger Boutique, spells out the recipes for 5 condiments you can make at home, from CNN's Eatocracy.  Instant coffee in bbq sauce? Brilliant.

How to Make Chinese Orange Anything, from Food Republic. Simple and straighforward, but probably not a good idea for swordfish or a porterhouse steak. 

The New York Times offers a plethora of Vegetarian Recipes for Entertaining. Take a gander at this gorgeous eggplant parmesan deconstructed. How deliciously inverse.

And to keep things seasonal, a recipe for pumpkin cannellloni with clams and sage brown butter from Epicurious. 

Pumpkin Peeps

Pumpkin Peeps making their autumnal apperance. They're so seasonally sustainable! 

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