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The Edible Web

The internet can be a such a delicious place. For your edification, here are a few links to what's cooking in the world of restaurants and food today. 

The Ken Burns 3-Part Documentary, "Prohibition," is set to air Sunday on PBS. I'd say his timing is just about right on this, given all the recent nostalgia for the 20's. Or maybe I've just had too many $13 cocktails with 3 unpronounceable ingredients served by a guy in a vest with mutton chops. Roar on, 20's!

LIFE presents an illustrated guide on how to eat sushi, complete with slightly embarrassing photos of Eva Mendes and Russell Simmons.  Spoiler alert: California rolls are not from Japan.

Hide your wife. Hide your kids.   Killer cantaloupes may not have done their worst yet, from Grub Street.

Anthony Bourdain breaks his own rules of travel on a family vacation and previews the upcoming   New Orleans episode of "No Reservations." My kingdom for an oyster po' boy. 



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