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Tuesday Web Edibles

Today's tasty links explore Sichuan fried peanuts, deli-going ducks and the truth behind brain freeze. 

Jonathan Gold, settling into his new gig at the LA Times, details his love of  spicy Sichuan fried peanuts in the San Gabriel Valley. 

Marisa Tomei was a big fan of Di Fara Pizza before it was cool, via Grub Street. She also has a thing for short, stocky bald men

And in unbearably cute food news, a duck who routinely frequents the same deli brings along her adorable, fuzzy young'uns for daily bread crumbs.

Elizabeth Gunnison of Esquire's Eat Like A Man blog runs down 5 tips for better pasta dishes at home. You're doing it wrong.  

Gizmodo gets to the bottom of the true cause of  ice cream headaches. No, it's not global warming, the Heat Miser or the liberal media. 

Ice Cream

If you can't take the freeze, you'd best stick to astronaut ice cream. Or just eat slowly. 

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