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The Edible Web: Moving Forward Looking Backward

Here's a handful of food-related articles around the web wrapping up 2011 and moving onward into 2012. Cheers to an exciting and hopefully non-apocalyptic year for food and restaurants.

Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly counts down the " 10 Best Dishes of 2011." LA restaurants with dishes that made the cut include The Spice TableLukshon, Tsujita, Red Medicine and  Playa.

Houston Press compiles a year in food photos from restaurants reviewed by critic Katharine Shilcutts. You might want to ignore this if you're already hungry. 

A Hamburger A Day (Serious Eats) looks back at their favorite burgers of 2011. Restaurants mentioned on the beefy list include Sola (Chicago), Capital Bar (Little Rock) and Spring Hill (Seattle).

The experts at Eater Chicago predict dining headlines for 2012. Some of the better entries: "People will start butchering meat at their own tables," and "Chicago's last upscale hotel restaurant closes. No one notices." I'm still holding out hope that 2012 will be the year of the meat-on-a-stick. 

It's no longer New Year's Day, but I'm sure a percentage of the population is still feeling groggy. Here's a recipe for the ultimate hangover breakfast from James McDuffee, the chef of Joseph Leonard in New York. Via Esquire

Photo (7)

Speaking of memorable burgers of 2011, here's an avocado sprout burger from The Counter in Los Angeles. How very Cali. 

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