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The Edible Web Thursday

What wines pair well with hot dogs? More than none. Ray Isle, executive wine editor at Food and Wine shares a few at Eatocracy. Champagne and corndogs: together at last. 

Jon Stewart riffs on pink slime for 8 minutes on last night's The Daily Show, via Eater. Who'd have thought "finally textured beef" actually means "ammonia-soaked centrifuge separated byproduct paste."

Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet poses a frighteningly pertinent question: are food blogs over? His answer is "hardly," (phew!) but he points out that their survival hinges on more innovation and fewer copycats.

Living mas? No es bueno. Emma Courtland of LA Weekly tries Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco, which "tastes ever so slightly of broken dreams."

After last week's "red meat causes early death" study and this week's "you've been eating pink slime" hysteria, some good news about my dietary habits: Eating Curry Could Prevent Heart Disease, from Huffington Post Food. 

Home Curry

Chicken Madras curry from the Man Bites Food home kitchen. Finally, something I regularly eat that's not taking years off my life. 

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