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Thursday Web Edibles

Today's web roundup features beer popsicles, advancements in ketchup bottle technology, and deep-fried Girl Scout cookies.

Mankind will never again have to search for beer and popsicles in two different places on a sweltering summer day. The Beeroness presents lemon pale ale  beer popsicles.

Oklahoma State University attempts to  patent a steak, with plans of eventually selling it to restaurants, via NPR.  Apparently there are still undiscovered cuts of cow.

In further academic food developments, researchers at MIT have created a  surface coating for ketchup (and other) bottles which allows the ketchup to exit easily. So much for your only super power/cocktail party trick.

Garden & Gun provides a recipe for  deep-fried fruit pies with a history lesson as well.

The Texas State Fair strikes again. This time, it's a deep-fried creation that might prove more delicious than abominable:  the deep-fried Girl Scout cookie (Somoas, specifically). 


The Texas State Fair's motto should be, "Why not toss it in the deep fryer?"

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