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The Edible Web: Thanksgiving Edition

As our most foodcentric holiday approaches, we scour the web for tasty tidbits, recipes, and all things covered in cranberry sauce and chased with pumpkin pie. 

The science behind our ability to squeeze in that piece of pumpkin pie after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Damn those evolutionary impulses.

Presenting: The VeggieDucken. Stuffing foods in other foods that don't belong together is no longer a practice exclusive to meat eaters.

For those who find Thanksgiving food a tad mushy and lacking spice, a recipe for Turkey Enchilada Verde Soup from the Homesick Texan

Sam Worley of the Chicago Reader provides a recipe for " the world's finest pumpkin pie." Bourbon and rum optional (in the pie or for the cook)

Last minute side dish idea from the Tart Tart: brussels sprouts, Momofuku-style

Chef Marc Murphy of Landmarc (New York) cleverly repurposes turkey day leftovers to the tune of shepherd's pie, potato croquettes and more. 

Turkey (2)

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys! 


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