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Best Buenos Aires Argentina Restaurants

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Las Violetas

Breakfast, Late-Night Dining, European
Avenida Rivadavia 3899
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1204AAD
Distance away: 1.42 miles

La Cabrera Norte

Late-Night Dining, Steak House, Argentin...
Cabrera 5127
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BGS
Distance away: 1.79 miles

La Fabrica del Taco

Late-Night Dining, Mexican, Tacos
Gorriti 5062
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BJR
Distance away: 1.84 miles

Pan y Arte

Breakfast, Late-Night Dining, Argentinea...
Boedo 878
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1218AAR
Distance away: 1.86 miles


Late-Night Dining, Argentinean, Global/E...
El Salvador 4618
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BPJ
Distance away: 1.94 miles

Casa Cruz

Contemporary, Late-Night Dining, Argenti...
Uriarte 1658
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414DAR
Distance away: 1.96 miles


Cafe, Late-Night Dining, Vegetarian, Glo...
Arévalo 1478
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414CQD
Distance away: 2.08 miles

La Cabrera

Late-Night Dining, Steak House, Argentin...
Cabrera 5099
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BGQ
Distance away: 2.13 miles

Il Ballo Del Mattone

Late-Night Dining, Italian
Gorriti 5936
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BKL
Distance away: 2.13 miles

Don Julio

Steak House, Argentinean
Guatemala 4699
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1425BUK
Distance away: 2.21 miles


Mediterranean, Late-Night Dining, Argent...
Costa Rica 5852
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BTJ
Distance away: 2.28 miles


Mediterranean, Breakfast, Late-Night Din...
Humboldt 2199
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1425FUA
Distance away: 2.35 miles

El Trapiche

Late-Night Dining, Steak House, Argentin...
Paraguay 5099
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1425BTC
Distance away: 2.43 miles

Oui Oui

Cafe, Breakfast, Brunch, French
Nicaragua 6068
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BWN
Distance away: 2.45 miles


Late-Night Dining, Spanish
Beruti 2602
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1425BBD
Distance away: 2.85 miles

Guido's Bar

Breakfast, Late-Night Dining, Italian
República de la India 2843
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1425FCC
Distance away: 2.86 miles

Plaza Asturias

Late-Night Dining, Spanish, Argentinean
Av. de Mayo 1199
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1085ABB
Distance away: 3.57 miles

El Cuartito

Talcahuano 937
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1013AAS
Distance away: 3.59 miles

Cafe de Garcia

Cafe, Late-Night Dining, Argentinean, Ta...
Sanabria 3302
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1417AZZ
Distance away: 3.7 miles

Cafe Tortoni

Cafe, Breakfast, Late-Night Dining, Coff...
Av. de Mayo 825
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1084
Distance away: 3.87 miles


Late-Night Dining, Italian
Libertador 1098
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1112ABN
Distance away: 3.88 miles

Bar El Federal

Breakfast, Late-Night Dining, Latin/Sout...
Carlos Calvo 599
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1102AAK
Distance away: 4.11 miles

La Coruna

Cafe, Argentinean
Bolívar 994
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1066AAT
Distance away: 4.18 miles

Brasserie Petanque

Brasserie, Late-Night Dining, French
Defensa 596
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1065AAJ
Distance away: 4.22 miles


Late-Night Dining, Argentinean
San Martín 941
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1004AAS
Distance away: 4.23 miles
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